I was in the audience at The Price is Right!!!
I'm the woman in the first row, just to the left of contestant's row!!!  I'm in a blue baseball shirt, with gray hair!!!  The name on my name tag is Penny!!!


Days Of Our Lives - Carly - 10/02/09

It was good...a little rough, but good overall. Had to redo my Resume...going for becoming a Trainer at work! I hate redoing my Resume...

Check this out...My favorite actress from The Guiding Light returned to Day's of Our Lives today...DAMN I LOVE HER EYES!!!

Penny :-)~


You lead me to this place

Against my better judgment
I should have listened to the warning signs
But I was too much in love to see
Wanting only to be with you
The woman that I love.

You left without a trace
No goodbye, no explanation
Only cryptic messages from unreliable sources
I can’t believe you ran from me
Leaving me here to face the brutality
Alone...HO-livia doesn’t do alone well.

As I stare off into nowhere

I can’t escape the memories of you
My heart…broken by the weight of your blow
The emptiness crashing down on me
As I breathlessly drown in despair
The numbness overtakes my soul.


Written and Illustrated by Witchlesbian on August 6th, 2009

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When You Think of Me

Title: When You Think of Me
Author: witchlesbian

Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Nothing Owned, Nothing Gained.
Spoiler: No Spoilers, purely fictitious on my part.
Note from Author: This is my very first fanfic ever…I hope you enjoy it!



Natalia lay in bed, as her phone rang.  It was Olivia calling to say goodnight.


As the conversation progressed, Olivia ventured down a path that she had been avoiding before now, “So you think of me.”   Natalia responded, “All of the time…I can’t get you out of my head…not that I really want to.”


Olivia’s curiosity got the best of her, “When do you think of me the most?”  Natalia admitted, “At night before I go to sleep…if and when I can sleep for thinking of you.”


Olivia, feeling a little more daring asked, “Do you think of me kissing you?”  Natalia shyly responded, “Yes.”


Olivia knew she was pushing it, but had to go there anyway, “What is it like?”  Natalia shut her eyes allowing her thoughts to flow freely, “Exquisite…I think of you looking deep into my eyes as you approach.  Then your eyes focus on their target, as you oh so slightly part your large beautiful lips bringing them down on mine so softly…so gently…causing me to moan.  You pull back slightly and look deeply into my eyes; the connection between us is so intense I shudder slightly under your gaze.  You whisper that you are so in love with me, and I can see the depth of that love in your intoxicating green orbs, as you refocus on my mouth and move in to continue what you started.  This time I reach behind your head, entwining my fingers in your lovely hair, and pull your lips down on mine.  Parting them, I use my tongue to unleash your passion.  It works, as you moan your tongue becomes wanting as it dances with mine.  Your embrace around me tightens and the headiness I feel threatens to overwhelm me…I’m so intoxicated with the dizziness…I shudder once more.”


For a moment there is silence.  Olivia didn’t expect such an open display of the passion Natalia felt for her, and was momentarily overcome with the headiness and dizziness Natalia had spoke in such depth about.  Her body was responding in force, and the response between her legs was totally apparent.


She had to know more, “Do you think of me touching you?”  From the other end of the phone she heard Natalia respond, “Yes.”


Before she could stop the words from coming to her lips, they where uttered, “Where, how?”  Natalia, still with her eyes closed, fully present to the feeling of her thoughts, began, “As we are kissing your hands, which have been behind my hair at the base of my skull lightly drift down around my collarbone, to the buttons at the top of my blouse.  You move skillfully to undo each button one by one until the front of my blouse is pushed aside, revealing my black bra and the treasures hidden beneath.  Lucky for both of us, my bra has a front releasing clasp, so you have it undone in a heart beat.  As you move your hands to gently cup my breasts, I moan.  The sensation of your soft femininity on my breasts is unfamiliar while at the same time intoxicating.  My breath catches in my throat, which is your cue to move the kiss down my neck, along my collarbone, following the direction of your hands.  As your hot mouth covers my right nipple, my hand moves to entwine my fingers in your hair, holding you there as my head is thrown back and my eyes roll back in their sockets.  I feel your tongue working its magic flicking back and forth over my nipple, while your amazing lips gently knead and suck at my sensitive flesh.  Your other hand is rolling my other nipple between your finger and thumb.  Then you start to nibble, the sensation makes me dizzy with want, and all I hear is the guttural moan escaping my lips (or was that your lips).  I can’t take it anymore, I say your name.  You look up from what you’re doing to ask me what I want you to do.  I know you’ll only go further if I instruct you to do so.”


There was another long pause.  Olivia could not believe Natalia was sharing such vividly erotic images with her.  She felt like she was making love to Natalia; however she wasn’t even in the same room.  She didn’t say a word, as she listened to her beloved’s vulnerable admission of what just the thought of Olivia did to her.


Natalia continued, “I tell you I want you, I need you inside of me.  As you continue to enrapture my breast with your mouth, your hands move down to undo the button and unzip my jeans.  You proceed to slide your right hand into the front of my pants and are astounded at the moisture you find at my folds, to the point you let out a gasp and direct your full attention to your new discovery.  You remove your hand and proceed to slide my jeans off my hips.  You make short work of removing my underwear, as you move your entire body between my legs to gaze longingly at the treasure you’ve found.  You skillfully move your fingers to part my lips, glancing up at me only momentarily before focusing on that which would satisfy your hunger and my need.  You move in to glide your tongue over my clit as I thrust my hips into you.  You moan, look up locking eyes with me, and dive into my clitoris while watching my every move.  My hips are bucking into you, you ride the bucking like a professional as you continue to lick and suck at my hardening sensitivity.  I want you…no need you inside of me.  As you take two fingers and put them at my opening, I beg you, “Please Olivia!”  You’ve been gentle until now.  Now you know that gentle is not what I need.  You thrust your fingers into me curling them up to hit the most tantalizing spot as you slide them rapidly in and out.  I can’t breathe, I’m gasping for air as I ride the build up of the intensity.  I feel it coming fast and furious.  You suddenly look up from what you are doing and say “Cum for me Nat,” in a very sultry tone which sends me over the edge as I feel my muscles clasping around your skillful fingers, and I ride the wave of intensity home to your loving arms.”


Olivia was speechless on the other end of the phone.  Her only thought being, “We’re not only completing each other’s thoughts and sentences, we’re completing each other’s every desire.”    


What Drug Is Your Personality Like?

Your Personality Is Like Heroin
You're capable of the highest highs and the lowest lows.
Addicted to feeling good, you'll do almost anything to avoid pain.
People seek you out, even though you can be quite moody. They're hooked on you!

At your best: You are euphoric, stress free, and a little sleepy.

What people like about being around you: They're not exactly sure, but they can't get enough about you.

What people dislike about being around you: When you finally leave, they go some pretty serious withdrawal.

How addicted people get to you: Very... you're quite dangerous.

What Does Your Birthday Predict About You?
Your Birthday Predicts You're Sensitive
Ever since you were born, you've always been able to cooperate.
You enjoy supporting and being inspired by others. You appreciate the dynamic of a group.

Getting along with others is essential to you. You are both fair and well mannered.
You are very intuitive and easily effected by other people. Sometimes you are too delicate.


No party in Hell for Me :-(

You Are Going to Heaven
You're so saintly you're practically an angel, and there's no other place for you than heaven.
You are always concerned with doing the right thing. You consider being a good person a joy... not a burden.

You're not perfect, and you don't expect anyone else to be. You are ethical without being sanctimonious about it.
You are happy with yourself and the decisions you've made. And that's what's important.

Damn it...and I was sooooooooo looking forward to the party we where going to have in hell!!!  I answered the questions honestly, even the part whe I'd make a move on the forbidden (straight married) woman I lust after...I guess that's the part of me that's not perfect...and the fact that I don't lie my wife about my lust fullness adds to my saintliness...No Party with the bad girls for me...Damn it!!!

Here is My Personality Type

You Are An ENFP
The Inspirer

You love being around people, and you are deeply committed to your friends.
You are also unconventional, irreverent, and unimpressed by authority.
Incredibly perceptive, you can usually sense if someone has hidden motives.
You use lots of colorful language and expressions. You're quite the storyteller!

In love, you are quite the charmer. And you are definitely willing to risk your heart.
You often don't follow through with your flirting or professed feelings. You break a lot of hearts.

At work, you are driven but not a workaholic. You just always seem to enjoy what you do.
You would make an excellent entrepreneur, politician, or journalist.

How you see yourself: compassionate, unselfish, and understanding

When other people don't get you, they see you as: gushy, emotional, and unfocused

The Universe is playing with my head...and my heart...
The most bizarre thing happened to me today, but to make this story effective I need to give you a bit of back story on this, so here goes.

Back in 2006 I was in my car waiting for the light, when two motorcycles turned left in front of me.  The first motorcycle was a blond dude, which didn't phase me, however on the second motorcycle was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen!  My eyes and head naturally where all over her, memorizing everything I could, and what I heard myself say at that moment was "Damn, check her out!"

So I work in a large inbound call center, and we rotate our shifts and bosses once every 6 months.  It came time to rotate, and I was going to have a new boss...and who should walk into the team and sit in the team leader chair but the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen...the woman who had been riding the second motorcycle.  The thought that crossed my mind was "Oh, fuck me now...I'm in sooooooo much trouble!"

Needless to say the next six months where an equal mix of heaven and hell for me.  Working for her was the sweetest torture I have ever experienced.  She was the best boss I've ever had.  She saw potential in me and really pushed me to move up in the company.  Due to her support, eventually I became an Employee Development Coach (which is what I love doing).

After I rotated out of her team I cultivated a close friendship with her.  A little over a year ago she became a manager, and to support her at work I gave her a little space to get a large project done that she needed to complete.  Well this had a snowball effect that over the course of a year destroyed our friendship.

Last Thursday I wrote a thank you email to her showing my gratitude for all she has done for me over the course of our friendship.  I figured she would either write back to me and try to get our friendship back on track, or the email would be an act of completion.  As it turned out, it was an act of completion...I haven't heard back from her, or seen her in a week.

I declared "I am soooooooo DONE with that" today to a number of my very best friends.  The day was uneventful until after work I stopped at a local fruit and vegetable stand to pick up some vegetables because there's a group of us doing this "Greatest Looser" thing at work where we are competing in teams to loose weight. 

Anyway, at the fruit/veggie stand I was talking with the clerk when this woman walked in.  I noticed her, however I was focused on my conversation with the clerk, so I didn't give her my full attention...that is until she piped in and joined our conversation.  When she did get my attention, I was stricken by just how very much she looked like the person I'm soooooooo DONE with!  They could be twins!  They both have jet black hair, light complexion...they are Spanish so they have the most hypnotizing dark brown eyes, black eyebrows, and they are both petIte.  The one at the veggie stand looks to be a little bit older, thinner, wears dark framed rectangular glasses, and her voice is a little higher pitched.  Anyway as we are talking I'm having to remind myself that the person I am talking to is not my ex-friend.  The thing that struck me is just how real this woman was...how open she was...and how wonderful our interaction felt for both of us.  It was amazing!  She shared about how important it is to not loose too much weight foo fast to maintain skin elasticity.  Then as I was leaving I shared about the "Greatest Looser" competition we where having at work.  Then she followed me out to the parking lot and yelled after me saying that pumpkin seeds are her greatest addiction, and I told her sunflower seeds are mine.  I also mention that maybe I'd see her around again sometime...and we each got in our cars.  She was driving a silver SUV...my ex friend drives a silver luxury car...too bizarre!

God she was beautiful...and meeting her made my day!  Needless to say I'm not obsessing over my ex-friend anymore.  I might just make it a habit to stop by the fruit/veggie stand every few days to pick up a vegetable or two at around 5:00 pm in hopes of running into her again.  I thought (for a moment) it would be great to buy some pumpkin seeds, give them to the clerk, and tell him if she ever comes back in to give them to her with my phone number inside the bag...how crazy is that!  I know I'm pretty crazy...I wouldn't do it...it was just a thought! 

This just floored me today!  When I stop thinking about someone, the Universe usually brings them back in my space.  In this instance I hadn't stopped thinking about my e-friend, however I had declared it DONE, so what did the Universe do but give me someone new to focus on by sending a woman across my path that looks just like her but with a real personality, a more pleasant disposition...and someone who is willing to chase me out to the parking lot!

I think I love this game the Universe is playing!  I'm still blown away!  Who knew there could be two of them...and no they are not sister's to the best of my knowledge my ex-friend's only sister is 10 years younger and a model.  This woman was slightly older then her if anything...but just as beautiful in her own way!  I'm putting it out to the Universe...I'd really like get to know the woman at the veggie stand!

Brooke Smith in a clip from 6 Feet Under playing a Lesbian Photography Teacher

I found this vid on youtube today of Brooke in 6 Feet Under where she plays an out Lesbian Photography Teacher...some of her lines are priceless!  Enjoy...




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