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No party in Hell for Me :-(

You Are Going to Heaven
You're so saintly you're practically an angel, and there's no other place for you than heaven.
You are always concerned with doing the right thing. You consider being a good person a joy... not a burden.

You're not perfect, and you don't expect anyone else to be. You are ethical without being sanctimonious about it.
You are happy with yourself and the decisions you've made. And that's what's important.

Damn it...and I was sooooooooo looking forward to the party we where going to have in hell!!!  I answered the questions honestly, even the part whe I'd make a move on the forbidden (straight married) woman I lust after...I guess that's the part of me that's not perfect...and the fact that I don't lie my wife about my lust fullness adds to my saintliness...No Party with the bad girls for me...Damn it!!!

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Re: there's that naughty streak...

good...then maybe this heavenly girl can be a bad influence on a bad girl (with heavenly virtues)...want some candy little girl :-)~ OMG...did it just write that out!

Re: there's that naughty streak...

def yes on the candy. but, um, do you drive a van with no windows? i don't mean like the scooby doo van...

OMG i think you are my best new friend ever

you so wrote that outloud.

i've been droolin' on your icons BTW!

Re: there's that naughty streak...

you mean the one with the plate frames that read "if this van's a rockin don't come a knockin" that's not!

I was wondering where the puddle was coming from...I'll buy you a bib...

Seriously, I'm glad you like...You're FUN! :-)~

Re: there's that naughty streak...

wait. i've got it. are you the one with the convertible and the frames that say "i'd rather go topless"?


Re: there's that naughty streak...

that's me...tit's to the wind (no offense)! Honestly I hated it when I was growing up and my parents started making me wear my shirt all the's just not fair! :-)

Re: there's that naughty streak...

i'm not sure what the heaven regulations might be, but i'm pretty sure tit's to the wind is more of a hell thing. hee hee.

Re: there's that naughty streak...'re probably right...I won't tell, if you don't...but I'm sure everyone else will when they see my big ole tit's flyin over my shoulders in the wind as I zoom by in my convertable (lol...they don't sag that much yet).

want to go for a ride...I got candy little girl :-)~

Ok...that's probably another hell thing. (wicked laugh) hee hee.

Re: there's that naughty streak...

i would love to go for a ride and eat your candy... hmmm. that sounded less naughty in my head. no wait. it didn't. it was just that naughty in my head.

my hellishness is wearing off on you already. that's why they try to keep heaven/hell separate... rubs hands together in front of plotting face...

Re: there's that naughty streak...

Oh I don't know about keeping heaven and hell separate...I have a halo, it just sets a little crooked on my red horns :-)~

The fight between Good and Evil is over rated (it's all a man made concept anyway.)

Frankly I've always been very being BAD and very BAD at being GOOD.

I like being bad with you :-)~ (wicked grin)

By the way I'll give you a choice...we can either go for a ride topless in the convertible or on the bike, which would you prefer...if on the bike hold on tight (oh, that could be fun...and very distracting)...very wicked grin :-)~

Re: there's that naughty streak...

candy AND a ride on your bike where I can hold on TIGHT... who's the heavenly one... oh, wait you are even so. the naughty streak does it. My world is suddenly radiant with light... Heavenly aura is that you? Ha.

I'll see your 'good at being bad' and raise you a 'damn fine at being naughty.' :-) (smirks)

i agree the good/evil thing is a construct, but it gets to people so it's very entertaining. i told four of my real life friends i was officially going to hell. that was just fun.

Re: there's that naughty streak...

I have a couple of large "handles" you can grab...just don't move your hands until we're stopped...or I'm liable to wreck the bike :-)~

If you're really naughty you won't listen to the warning...and there will be squeezing, massaging, pinching, and moaning...I will be watching where we are going through hooded lids (I already am)...

I'll see your 'damn fine at being naughty' and raise you an 'utterly wicked' :-)~

Re: there's that naughty streak...

Naughty can be patient, you know... I want you to be able to concentrate. Cough cough. On the road, concentrate on the road.

Squeezing, massaging, pinching, and moaning needs to be fully focused. You can be patient while I hold on tight, yes? I promise to rise to the level of your 'utterly wicked'--it will be heavenly...

Re: there's that naughty streak...

Ok...I'll pay attention to the road, with all it's twists and turns.

I have three sayings for patience:

"Patience is not one of my virtues."
"Patients are what people become when they make me wait!"
"I have the patients of two saints...St. Al's and St. Lukes" (the names of both Boise Hospitals)

I can be patient for the promise of "heavenly"...patience it is then :-)

Re: there's that naughty streak...

Curves are not just on the road... that's why you have to focus. LOL.

Where's the candy? Did you lure me out here with the promise of candy and there's no candy?

Re: there's that naughty streak...

oops it'll have to lick it off :-)~

Thousands of Sexy and Funny Images
Touch the Darkness

Re: there's that naughty streak...

holy hottness. i wouldn't let her on your bike like that...

that's a whole lotta chocolate... will you help me?

Re: there's that naughty streak...

I'm glad you like your candy :-)~

Of course I will help you, where should we start?

Her arm with the strawberry is dripping, why don't I start can start at the other dripping you want the strawberry so you can dip it? :-)~

Re: there's that naughty streak...

And by "other dripping place" I didn't mean her other elbow...use your imagination :-)~

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