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witchlesbian's haunt

spell bound

20 December
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Witchlesbian comes from:
I'm pegan/budist/christian (I'm all and none when it comes to Religion...I'm very Spiritual, Intuitive and into Energy.)
I have been actively lesbian for 26 years (I'm 45 years old)...however I consider myself bisexual with a preference toward women, and really would love a world without labels...I don't do boxes.

My real name is Penny and I'm legally married to my wife Cora in British Columbia Canada. We've been together for 8 years, and have 2 dogs (Sabastian & Lucy) and a cat (Stormy).

My Moto...

My Spirituality is most like the book "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle...

The Power of Now

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Me & My Ride...Her name is Felicia...
(My hair is cut very differently now and is Salt-n-Pepper...back when these were taken I was dying it)

I Coach/Mentor/Train New Hire Employees at a Customer Service Call Center, ride a Honda 750cc Shadow Aero Motorcycle, and consider myself a Lesbian Media Historian. I have a youtube and a myspace page under witchlesbian also, both of which are designed around my love for Lesbian Movie Vids, Otalia, Pepsi, and Callica.